The Halo Desk

Lighter. Faster. Better.

New WIDER Halo!

The most sought-after workstation - The ARGOSY Halo - just got better, and bigger! Now the Halo.S is wide enough for you to place two computer monitors side-by-side and plenty of desk area for additional control surfaces and other critical gear.

Halo.SE2 Accessories | Halo.SE2 Specifications

Halo.S Accessories | Halo.S Specifications

HALO.SE2 (Sit-to-Stand) HALO.S (Standard)

The Original

Even as control surfaces are getting more compact, you still need an ergonomic and client-impressive place to accommodate great gear. The industrial design of HALO combines form and function into a streamlined and highly ergonomic desk.

Halo.E2 Accessories | Halo.E2 Specifications

Halo Accessories | Halo Specifications

HALO.E2 (Sit-to-Stand) HALO (Standard)

Keyboard Centric

Specially adapted design for keyboard-centric studios. The "K" model allows integration for most 61 note keyboard controllers with all the features of the HALO.

Halo.KE2 Accessories | Halo.KE2 Specifications

Halo.K Accessories | Halo.K Specifications

HALO.KE2 (Sit-to-Stand) HALO.K (Standard)

Keyboard Centric

NEW! Halo - the most popular studio desk for keyboard centric studios is now available for larger 88 note keyboard controllers.

Halo.K88E2 Accessories | Halo.K88E2 Specifications

Halo.K88 Accessories | Halo.K88 Specifications

HALO.K88E2 (Sit-to-Stand) HALO.K88 (Standard)

Streamlined Elegance

Designed for any screen-based application, the Halo.G gives you the edge in performance based ergonomics for any Digital Media Environment. Loaded with features and creature comforts, the Halo.G can be accessorized with optional Monitor Arms, Speaker Mounts, and Drawers to give you everything you need to create your best work.

Halo.GE Accessories | Halo.GE Specifications

Halo.G Accessories | Halo.G Specifications

HALO.GE (Sit-to-Stand) HALO.G (Standard)