The Eclipse Desk

Integrate and create.

Easily transform your S1 into a full-featured console system by integrating up to (4) S1 Control Surfaces + Dock. Eclipse provides great versatility by allowing for monitor arm attachments, speaker mounts, and on-board rack space or desk space.

To configure your Eclipse for AVID S1, click on your configuration below:

Eclipse for Avid S1 - (1)S1 + Dock

Eclipse for Avid S1 - (2)S1 + Dock

Eclipse for Avid S1 - (3)S1 + Dock

Eclipse for Avid S1 - (4)S1 + Dock

Inspirational Landscape.

The all new Eclipse Generation 5 has been engineered to accommodate the AVID S4. The internal module system and improved modularity allows for greater flexibility and makes switching gear simple.

Whether you have the 3 foot, 4 foot, or 5 foot wide base system, you can configure your Eclipse workstation to fit your specific needs.

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Engineered for Compatibility.

Designed to accommodate the AVID M40 or M10 system components and allows you to create, and even later expand your console to adapt to your specific needs.

The Eclipse Console System is expandable allowing you to add S6 components to your system as your studio needs expand and grow.

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An Innovative Solution

Eclipse Generation 5 has provided an innovative solution to transform the Solid State Logic Origin 16 or 32 into the centerpiece of your studio. Combining sonic transparency with ergonomic efficiency, the Eclipse revolutionizes your studio space.

Choose from available rack modules, desk space, or opt for a minimalist configuration.

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Seamless Integration.

Designed with a drop frame to seamlessly integrate the SSL AWS 924 or 948 Delta.

Configure your workstation to fit your unique studio needs and completely transform your workspace. Available with rack space or desk surface.

Eclipse for AWS Delta

The Studio Centerpiece.

The Eclipse Universal Workstation integrates expansive desk space and 19" rack space to create an elegant and inspiring centerpiece in your studio.

Eclipse Universal

The Essential Workspace.

The Eclipse Edit Desk is the quintessential editing workspace for creative professionals. Available with and without rack space.

Eclipse Edit

Outboard Convenience.

Place outboard gear within arms reach in the Eclipse Rolling Rack.

Eclipse Rolling Rack

Need something custom?

Let our engineers design the ideal solution for your application. Contact us with your specifications and we will help you create the perfect solution.

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